The process

The journey towards our pita chips starts with an authentic pita bread recipe, that remains unchanged for centuries.


To preserve the authenticity of the recipe, we follow the original two step baking process: by baking the dough in traditional stone ovens over an open fire, we then cut the pita bread into small pieces and repeat the process to give our chips the perfect texture and taste.


By recreating the original process, we aim to shape an exceptional experience and take our customers on an extraordinary culinary journey. 

Our signature flavors

Pizza flavor

Best paired with beer or cider

All the flavor of an authentic pizza but without the calories! The classic combination of tomato and herbs creates the perfect snack to munch on while enjoying a cold beer. If you're planning a party or BBQ, make sure you have a few bags of these to hand!

Parmesan, garlic and

parsley flavor

Best paired with dips, soups and salads 

These smooth, creamy chips have a delightful, woody flavor that pairs perfectly with dips or a fresh salad. Add them to your family dinner table as an accompaniment, or enjoy them alone during a movie night with friends!

Cheddar and chipotle flavor

Best paired with cheese, cold cuts and wine 

A twist on the classic wine and cheese night! Bring out the velvety texture and peppery, layered flavor of these chips by enjoying them during a wine tasting evening with your friends and loved ones.

Why we are good for you

Our products contain 110 less calories per pack, which makes up 5% of average daily calorie intake

Each 100 grams of our chips contain around 11 grams of protein, which is 50% more than any potato chips

We bake our chips in stone ovens instead of frying, making them a light, healthy and nutritious snack

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